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Why should you buy the Black Book DVDs?

Really - they're $1197 compared to a measely 77 bucks, or so, for the books above.

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Look amigo, do you REALLY expect to pay $77 for an ebook that 9,000 other people own, literally, and end the day with ANY competitive advantage?

If you do, THEN QUICK, I need know someone - anyone - with a bridge I can sell you.

Sure, Chris has some good stuff to offer. I like Chris and his work is better than most of the crap you'll find on the market.

But . . . BUT . . . do I really need to say it?

.X. sells exclusive cutting edge strategies and tactics to the SERIOUS marketer - I have no interest in the casual ebook hard drive clutter collector chasing the latest 'Jonny come lately scheme'.

Frankly, it amazes me these scheme chasers seem totally unable to recognize they're pissing away their money - and any real chance at success.

Buy one great program, work it, and reap the rewards.

Riddle me this bat freak: IS there a reason .X. has a radical fanatical following . . .

My people make money. End of story; simple as that.

If you want to walk among giants, get the Black Book DVDs - and I'll toss in these ebooks as a bonus.

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Come one. Really. You're reading the words of the master.

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'No Thanks' on the Black Book DVDs?

That's probably the biggest mistake you've made so far this year. But, you're already here, right?

If you're going to buy Chris' work anyway - and you should if it's all you can comfortably afford - then why not get a good bonus in the process?

It would be stupid not too.

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THEN you'll have a we bit 'o an idea why .X. is the King of Adwords, the Pay Per Click Madman, the Hitman of Clickdom.


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